Mater Bushings
Mater Bushings is casted with high-quality alloy steel as per API 7K Spec. Two kinds of master bushing are available: pin drive and square drive. The size range of master bushing is from17-1/2" to 37-1/2". 

Roller Kelly Bushings
Roller Kelly Bushings are used for 17-1/2" to 49-1/2" rotary tables. We provides API 7K certified rollerKelly bushings. Three types of bushing are available: heavy, medium, light-duty. 


Casing bushing is combined by bushing body and insert bowls. It is suitable for handling casing less than 30". There are two types: solid bushing and split bushing. CU and CUL are solid bushing, and CB is split bushing. 

Master Bushing Acessories
Bit breaker adapter plates are located in the master bushing drive pin holes and provide a 13-9/16" square to accommodate bit breakers. Lifting sling for removing and installing master bushings and insert bowls with hooks.