Electromagnetic heating device has almost all the functions of traditional heating equipment: temperature setting and time setting. Preheating before welding, dehydrogenation after welding and heat treatment after welding can effectively control heating and cooling rate.

The heating rate of electromagnetic heating device is faster and more efficient. Ceramic heating is to convert electric energy into heat energy. In the process of conducting heat to steel plate, the loss of energy is quite large. The electromagnetic heating mode is to directly produce electromagnetic induction and use it as steel plate. The energy loss is very small, which makes the heating speed faster and the consumption of electricity smaller. The power of electromagnetic heating device is 30 kw, and the traditional temperature control box is 240 kw. Under the same conditions, 50 mm steel plate is preheated to 120 C, traditional ceramic heating takes about 40 minutes and electromagnetic heating only 4 minutes. When preheating thicker plates, the preheating time of traditional heating is usually about 4 hours and the electromagnetic preheating time is about 1 hour, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of "equal work" on site and increases the proportion of "net working time".