Manual Tongs (Manual Rig Rotary Tongs) are necessary oilfield tools applied to make up and break out pipes. Manual Tongs we offered are interchangeable with other major manufacturers’ tongs (Mud King Products, Woolley), and equivalent to Varco BJ,NOV,BVM and BV tongs.

Changing lug jaws and latch steps can adjust different handling sizes of the tongs.Each tong features tough, heavy-duty designs with heat-treated hinge pins and long-lasting "stagger tooth" tong dies (Blue Diamond, Pyramid). They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.


Type SDD Manual Tongs (HT – 100) 

Type DB Manual Tongs (HT – 65)

Type B Manual Tongs (HT – 55)

Type B Casing Tongs (HT – 50)

Type C Manual Tongs (HT – 35)

Type LF Manual Tongs (HT – 14)

Type AAX Manual Tongs

Type WWB Manual Tongs

Type WWC Manual Tongs

Well Servicing Tongs

Manual Tong Dies