Manual Tongs:
SRLF Tong is a tool designed for making up and breaking connections of tubular goods, from light tubing to heavy wall pipe and drill collars.The tongs can be assembled for either making up or break out by removing the hanger and turning the complete SRLF Tong over.
Interchangeable lug jaw design permits each tong to handle different sizes of pipe. By installing hinge jaws (available for some models), bigger pipe sizes can be handled.

Safety Clamps:

The SRLF Safety Clamp is a convenient and safe tool to prevent dropping slick drill collars or flush joint pipe into the hole while making up or breaking out the string. Other popular applications include use when running large diameter surface casing, handling of drilling risers and casing heads during installation and lifting pre-packed gravel liners.
The multi-link design provides uniform pressure around the pipe to minimize the risks of crushing the pipe or damaging the surface. Each link, complete with tapered slip, is interchangeable as a unit.


  1. Type SD Rotary Slips
  2. Type CMS Casing Slips
  3. Type DU Slips
  4. Type DCS Drill Collar Slips
  5. Wolley A Type Slips
  6. Wolley B Type Slips


  1. Type SLX Elevator
  2. Single Joint Elevator
  3. Drill Pipe Elevator G Series
  4. Slip Type Elevator
  5. Type TA Elevator
  6. Elevator/Spider




  1. Type C/CHD Pneumatic Spiders
  2. Type E Pneumatic Spiders
  3. Type QQP Pneumatic Spiders
  4. TS-100 Tubing Spiders

Power Tongs:

  1. Drill Pipe Power Tongs
  2. Casing Power Tongs
  3. Tubing Power Tongs

Rotary Bushings:

  1. Roller Kelly Bushings
  2. Master Bushings
  3. Casing Bushings
  4. Master Bushings Accessories

Spinning Wrench:

  1. SSW-10 Spinning Wrench
  2. SSW-40 Spinning Wrench

Hydraulic Catheads:

  1. Type YM Hydraulic Cathead
  2. Type YXM Hydraulic Cathead

Kelly Spinner (A6C,6600,6800)


  1. FSQ162-36 Mouse Hole Clamping Device
  2. FP Sealed Anti-spraying Boxes
  3. Drill Tool Gauges
  4. Drill Pipe Rotary Clamp Device
  5. Dies and Inserts
  6. Stabbing Guides
  7. Thread Protectors
  8. Hammer Unions
  9. Lifting Caps
  10. Mud Bucket
  11. Sucker Rod Wrench
  12. Manual Slips Safety Handles
  13. Dies and Inserts